Sydney Harbour is often referred to as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. Those who come to see it will understand why. The 240 kilometres of shoreline encompasses approximately 54 square kilometres of water, which is an enormous expanse of water to explore and discover.

On a warm sunny day, the harbour is a vibrant blue and dotted with hundreds of sailing boats, cruise boats and ferries. Whether you chose to sail past the iconic Opera house and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge or just drop anchor in one of the many bays. You can be sure it will be a memorable day of sailing.

Moorings, Anchorages & Public Berthing

There are numerous amazing places to anchor or berth for the night to the east and west of the Harbour Bridge. You can also visit and enjoy our home base at the Cruising Yacht Club Australia or sail into Darling Harbour or Birkenhead Point.

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